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COVID-19 Resources

Do you have environment, health and safety accountability for a technology company? You've landed in the right place. 

This page is dedicated to EHS professionals looking for a one-stop-shop for COVID-19 resources, insights, discussions and support services.


Global COVID-19 Resources

Looking for the latest health and safety guidance related to COVID-19? We've already begun compiling sources by geography and pulled them together in one convenient place.

trends we are seeing.jpg

Trends We're Seeing

With all the COVID-19 information swirling about, it can seem overwhelming to make sense of it all. But here is our take on what we're hearing and seeing specific to the Tech industry.


COVID-19 Peer Discussion

Want to directly engage, ask questions and discuss COVID-related topics with your peers in the Tech industry? Join the private EHSxTech LinkedIn Group for more conversation and insights.


Recently Published Blogs

From OSHA reporting requirements to home office ergonomics -- read the latest COVID-related content published by our health and safety experts.


COVID-19 HelpDesk

Have specific questions about COVID-19 and workplace health and safety? Our experts are standing by to assist with pandemic response, planning and support.

If you want to know more about EHSxTech or are interested in joining this industry forum, please use our contact form to send us a message.

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