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Read insights and updates from past EHSxTech events and learn best practices from EHS leaders in the tech industry below. Looking for even more content? Check out the Antea Group blog.

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EHSxTech: One Year Later - COVID-19 and Returning to Work

As companies across the tech industry look at the past year of the pandemic and moving forward, the role of environmental, health and safety, and sustainability (EHS&S) leaders continues to evolve as they lead their companies forward.

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Why is Indoor Air Quality Important?

While indoor air quality (IAQ) in offices was always important, it is now at the forefront of many government COVID-19 requirements and recommendations for offices.

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Understanding OSHA Reporting Requirements to Work-Related COVID-19 Cases

Did you know that cases of COVID-19 originating in the workplace could be considered OSHA-recordable illnesses?

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Maintaining Regulatory Compliance While Employees Work at Home

Employers across the globe are struggling with effects of recommended and required COVID-19 quarantines.

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How to Set Up a Home Office: Basic Ergonomic Tips

To get yourself or employees at your organization the best possible support for a quick switchover to home office setups, use these basic tips to get started.


Exploring On-Campus Event Safety with Salesforce

Large organizations can host hundreds of events a year on their campuses. How can they ensure the safety of attendees and general employees, and safeguard the brand reputation of the organization?


Are You on the Hook for H&S in a Shared Office Space?

Coworking spaces are all the rage--but many say they aren't liable for injuries that happen in their offices and don't provide H&S provisions.


Slow and Steady Wins the Contractor Safety Race

Contractor safety program development, implementation, and maintenance is fraught with obstacles.


EHS Global Moments: Dutch Working Conditions

In the Netherlands, risk assessments are mandatory for all employers with operations in the country.


Around the World with Occupational Safety and Health

Global expansion can open up big possibilities for an organization, but for an OSH manager, it can also be overwhelming. 

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