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In the fast‐growing, rapidly‐changing tech industry, managing global environment, health, safety, and sustainability has become increasingly challenging, not just on the regulatory compliance side, but also in meeting stakeholder expectations, including customers, employees, and local communities.


EHSxTech represents a unique opportunity for industry professionals to explore opportunities to improve global environment, health, safety and sustainability performance, talk through specific needs and issues, and discuss industry trends in a collaborative, non-competitive forum. Leading technology companies come together to tackle common challenges for individual, collective, and industry-wide benefit.


Activities include in-person meetings (both regional and global), webinars, networking, and more. In our previous meetings, attendees have discussed challenges such as emergency response, fire safety, occupational health, and conveying the value of EHS&S to executives. We are always looking to help our attendees meet these challenges head-on, network and learn from one another, and find new ways to improve their programs.


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About EHSxTech Leadership

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Julie Kreger King | Phone: +1 279 895 9409 


Julie Kreger King is a master at helping companies manage the business aspects of Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHS&S). Recognizing that EHS&S management is much more than just compliance, and that these issues have the potential to seriously disrupt business, Julie develops fit-for-purpose programs for clients that are proactive, tailored to company-specific risk tolerance levels and incorporated into company culture from the C-suite to the hourly employee.


With her 20+ years of experience, she understands that in addition to traditional regulatory drivers, today's companies must meet public and customer expectations, investor concerns and non-governmental organization demands. Julie leads the technology segment for Antea Group.

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About Antea Group

At Antea Group, we provide environment, health, safety, and sustainability consulting that combines innovation with integrity, local support with global perspective, and technical expertise with superior project management.


Our experienced professionals accommodate client goals, stakeholder expectations, and regulatory requirements by providing comprehensive strategies designed to reduce environmental footprints, mitigate safety risks, protect against engineering failures, and minimize social impacts.


As part of the Inogen Environmental Alliance global network of consultancies, we provide consistent, high-quality, and cost-effective solutions combining global knowledge with local resources. 




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